When I first got my Vibrator, the sensations were so powerful. It was vibrant, full colour and the orgasms were like ecstatic cataclysms that completely took me out of this world and into this state of heightened bliss.
I found myself turning it up until I was using it at 100%, when the colour started to fade. I started to be able to think whilst I came, instead of being a screaming, gasping, gibbering mess.
Then my ice dragon arrived. I toyed and, with my vibe in my right hand, vibrations on my clitoris and my left working that silicone into my body, the colours ‘popped’ again.
I’d peaked Kilimanjaro, and it left me in a state of exhaustion. Total bliss.
It was slow to fade. But it did fade. The colours desaturating like an old TV. I still came, it was still enjoyable, but it didn’t have that intensity that left me totally spent.
And now, I feel like I peaked the Himalayas. I flushed from the tip of my head to my knees. I shuddered and screamed, totally lost in the complete and utter rush.
But now. Even though the gear is the same, I am stuck at base camp. The weather conditions aren’t the same but anything else feels like I have been flicked back into black and white TV. I still try, it still feels good. But the excitement and vibrancy has disappeared.
I am terrified, in a way, of what happens when I finally peak Everest. When I push it to the highest levels and find that I can’t go higher. What then?
What happens when there is no new territory, no thrill of excitement that comes with something new.

I want a hitachi wand. I’m terrified, but I want one and the intensity it promises.

S told me to be careful not to eclipse sex, but that isn’t possible.
Sex is a different dimension. It is an immersion.
Another body, tangible and tactile. Another person’s energy that combines with yours. Their pleasure and your pleasure that heightens and enhances the other’s senses.
A hand on my hip, fingers digging into my flesh, weight on my hip bone.
Lips on my lips, on my throat, on my breasts, on my nipples, sucking, licking, biting. Their skin on my skin, my fingers pressing into their flesh, nails catching skin.
The noises, their notes of pleasure, like an aria of ecstasy, mingling with my cacophony of sound.
Taste, the taste of them, their scent. Individual and distinctive. Their sweat mingling with mine as our writhing bodies come together.
Their release, as they hold me, hands grasping my shoulders as they shudder and groan, up to the hilt in me, their body tightly entwined with mine.

It is something that cannot be replaced. It cannot be emulated. And it cannot be eclipsed.



Whilst I was dating S, I never seriously considered getting a decent vibrator or dildo. I guess the thought never occurred to me that I should and I never bothered to really research them as I figured, since I orgasmed pretty much every time we had sex and I never had a huge urge to masturbate, it didn’t feel necessary.
I did own a cheap vibrator that I bought from a local shop whilst we were long distance but I never really enjoyed it, so it didn’t get used.
But when we broke up and my sex drive returned in full force, I suddenly understood why a decent vibrator was necessary in my life. I hit the web and started researching. I knew I wanted something decent and narrowed it down to the Hitachi Magic Wand and a LELO.
After reading a number of review sites (in particular, Oh Joy Sex Toy) I decided that the Hitachi might be a bit much. But I was captivated by the sleek designs the LELO offered and after much deliberation, chose the GIGI 2. (Which I will review.)
In my search, I also stumbled across Bad Dragon via Gritty Woman.
I was impressed by the seemingly high quality of their dildos and the high praise that they got, so after a bit of deliberation, I picked up a small Kelvin the Ice Dragon from their ready made section. (Review pending.)
Now, I am not a furry at all but, I was fascinated by the textures, shapes and customisation options. Add to that the fact that they obviously are well designed and made to an impressively high standard and you’ve got me. I’m a sucker for high quality stuff.
Now, I have two custom Bad Dragon dongs on order; a medium Nox and a small Nova.

They (the LELO and the Kelvin) both have proved to have been excellent purchases.


Thanks to my knee, it looks like I won’t be having any fun for a while since I will probably have my period by the time it is healed enough for me to engage in any sort of strenuous activity.
Turns out the random bleeding I had was just a bit of breakthrough from my implant. It happens sometimes. Ugh, bodies can be so inconvenient.
Like the last time I was with J, we just got into a rhythm when his leg cramped. Like, a full on stop-the-bus, try not to yell, cuss like a dirty mouthed school girl sort of cramp.

Tonight I tried to wank myself exhausted because I slept all day. Of course, 15min in, I was edging but then ended up with this tiny pft sort of orgasm and my drive disappeared. I mean, I probably could have been more aroused, gone for the knot in my ice dragon a little later too.

And the pain killers I took have worn off and my knee is sore again.

It’s a little concerning though, since that day where I had that earth-shattering, screaming orgasm, I’ve been feeling like everything is less in intensity. Like all the colours are washed out. I hope it doesn’t last.


Surprise Period! Huzzah!

Actually, it’s rather inconvenient. I was hoping to get my sex on this week.

Normally I get lots of premenstrual symptoms, so I guess this is breakthrough bleeding that I get from my implant for time to time.


Oh M-fuck-G!

I have experienced a range of different kinds of orgasms. Clitoral, vaginal, big, small, long, short, messy, multiple and combinations of the above.
The last few months have been especially enlightening.
Today, I explored the combination of vibrator on clitoris plus hard g-spot fingering. Yes, it might be old news to some but for me, I never though g-spot stimulation was all that special. I shrugged and figured it wasn’t for me. My g-spot vibrator is used exclusively as an external massager because it did absolutely nothing for me when used as originally intended.
So, today, when I decided that I would try again, I found yet again that before you decide you don’t like something or at least, you feel neutral about it, you have to try it more than once and in different ways.
Vibe on my clit, I curled my finger hard against the anterior wall.
My heart pounded, I became hot and felt myself flush. It was such an intense feeling that climbed slowly, oh so slowly until I came hard. Screaming. And kept coming. Shuddering and spasming.
I then slept for an hour. Exhausted.