Thanks to my knee, it looks like I won’t be having any fun for a while since I will probably have my period by the time it is healed enough for me to engage in any sort of strenuous activity.
Turns out the random bleeding I had was just a bit of breakthrough from my implant. It happens sometimes. Ugh, bodies can be so inconvenient.
Like the last time I was with J, we just got into a rhythm when his leg cramped. Like, a full on stop-the-bus, try not to yell, cuss like a dirty mouthed school girl sort of cramp.

Tonight I tried to wank myself exhausted because I slept all day. Of course, 15min in, I was edging but then ended up with this tiny pft sort of orgasm and my drive disappeared. I mean, I probably could have been more aroused, gone for the knot in my ice dragon a little later too.

And the pain killers I took have worn off and my knee is sore again.

It’s a little concerning though, since that day where I had that earth-shattering, screaming orgasm, I’ve been feeling like everything is less in intensity. Like all the colours are washed out. I hope it doesn’t last.


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