Identity, Policies and Contact Info


I am a 21 going on 30 (or so I am told) year old, mixed race, cis-gendered female who is very sex positive, fairly outspoken (or would like to think so), overly enthusiastic and a little bit narcissistic. Because I work in healthcare, I am not using my real name and will be avoiding anything that may identify me or the people I am involved with. I am also very, very busy.

Aberrant Reflections

Basically whatever I want to write. Will probably contain sex discussion, musings on my personal life (to a degree) and anything else I feel like reflecting on. There will also be a good deal of NSFW content regarding my personal life and some colourful language. This blog is not designed to be read by those under the age of 18.

Who are the Random Lettered People?

S – My first serious relationship, recently ended. We dated for 6 years but eventually found that whilst we were deeply in love, the relationship was becoming very unbalanced and was seriously harming my mental health. He was also an excellent lover, although I have heard that he has gotten even better since we split. (Dang it!) We are still good friends and frequently discuss the happenings in our lives, including our sex lives.

J – A good friend who has supported me a lot through the recent years as I have been through a lot of emotional upheavals and such things. We are in a friends with benefits arrangement. He is also in the same industry as me.


Whilst everyone has a right to their own opinion, as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to censor/delete comments at my own discretion which may be due to whatever whim I have.

Things I will not tolerate at all/ever:

  • Trolls/fights/harrassment/bullying. Be respectful of your fellow humans, even if their opinion differs from yours. I am not asking you to adopt their opinion, just please be civil and respectful.
  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Body Snark, Ableism, Religious Hatred or any other hate-speech.
  • Spam


I am happy to receive emails at:


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