Oh M-fuck-G!

I have experienced a range of different kinds of orgasms. Clitoral, vaginal, big, small, long, short, messy, multiple and combinations of the above.
The last few months have been especially enlightening.
Today, I explored the combination of vibrator on clitoris plus hard g-spot fingering. Yes, it might be old news to some but for me, I never though g-spot stimulation was all that special. I shrugged and figured it wasn’t for me. My g-spot vibrator is used exclusively as an external massager because it did absolutely nothing for me when used as originally intended.
So, today, when I decided that I would try again, I found yet again that before you decide you don’t like something or at least, you feel neutral about it, you have to try it more than once and in different ways.
Vibe on my clit, I curled my finger hard against the anterior wall.
My heart pounded, I became hot and felt myself flush. It was such an intense feeling that climbed slowly, oh so slowly until I came hard. Screaming. And kept coming. Shuddering and spasming.
I then slept for an hour. Exhausted.