Whilst I was dating S, I never seriously considered getting a decent vibrator or dildo. I guess the thought never occurred to me that I should and I never bothered to really research them as I figured, since I orgasmed pretty much every time we had sex and I never had a huge urge to masturbate, it didn’t feel necessary.
I did own a cheap vibrator that I bought from a local shop whilst we were long distance but I never really enjoyed it, so it didn’t get used.
But when we broke up and my sex drive returned in full force, I suddenly understood why a decent vibrator was necessary in my life. I hit the web and started researching. I knew I wanted something decent and narrowed it down to the Hitachi Magic Wand and a LELO.
After reading a number of review sites (in particular, Oh Joy Sex Toy) I decided that the Hitachi might be a bit much. But I was captivated by the sleek designs the LELO offered and after much deliberation, chose the GIGI 2. (Which I will review.)
In my search, I also stumbled across Bad Dragon via Gritty Woman.
I was impressed by the seemingly high quality of their dildos and the high praise that they got, so after a bit of deliberation, I picked up a small Kelvin the Ice Dragon from their ready made section. (Review pending.)
Now, I am not a furry at all but, I was fascinated by the textures, shapes and customisation options. Add to that the fact that they obviously are well designed and made to an impressively high standard and you’ve got me. I’m a sucker for high quality stuff.
Now, I have two custom Bad Dragon dongs on order; a medium Nox and a small Nova.

They (the LELO and the Kelvin) both have proved to have been excellent purchases.